After the electric car is fully charged, do not draw the gun in time will hurt the battery?

November 20, 2023

Many electric car owners

There is such a question:

Fully charged

Do you need to draw your gun in time?

Will not unplug damage the battery?

Here's how to answer that question


When fully charged, do you need to draw the gun in time?

Under normal circumstances, it does not matter much if the gun is not drawn in time after being fully charged.


Because the BMS at the car end will control the charging current, when the vehicle is fully charged, the BMS will issue a "stop charging" signal, at this time the charging pile is actually in the closed state, it does not matter if the gun is not drawn in time, the charging gun continues to be inserted in the car end, there will be no damage to the battery or the vehicle.

In this state, will the battery discharge itself leading to a virtual charge?

In the state of no charging and no running, the battery will release a little electricity by itself, and under normal circumstances, it will not have much impact when it is fully charged for three months.

Under normal circumstances, the self-discharge of the battery itself is very low, and the self-discharge amount of a month is about 2%. However, different vehicle designs are different, and some devices installed on the car (such as communications, protection devices, etc.) may continue to consume power when the vehicle stops running, so the self-discharge of the battery itself plus the power consumption of the device on the car may be greater than 2%.

In order to better protect the battery and extend the battery life, it is recommended that when the vehicle is placed for a long time, it must be fully charged and then parked, and ensure that it is charged once every three months.

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