How do electric vehicles automatically terminate charging?

November 20, 2023

Some electric vehicle owners start charging for about 30 seconds, and the charging pile stops charging, thinking that the charging pile equipment is faulty.

Many times it is not that the charging device really fails, but because the charging gun and the charging port are not fully connected, and only a part of the detection is sensed. If you start charging without a good connection, the system will treat it as a failure.



Please turn off the car power and lock the car door before operating.

① Reinsert the charging gun and try several times

② After inserting the charging gun, a sound of "click" is heard, and the charging pile reacts, so that the charging gun and the charging eloquence are well connected.


What we need to pay attention to in the daily charging process:

Car charging interface and charging gun daily use precautions.

These two things are often overlooked.


Precautions for charging guns

Since the gun head and the interface are metal friction during insertion and removal, there will be damage if the protection is not paid attention to.

When the following situations occur, please do not continue to use, and contact customer service personnel to repair and replace:

Car charging interface precautions

When the following situations occur, please do not continue to use, you can drive the car to the 4s shop for processing or replacement:

Charging tips

1. Carefully read the instructions for the use of electric vehicles to avoid failure to charge caused by misoperation

2. Do not charge the car in the starting state, and the car should be in the "OFF" or "ACC" state, not the "Ready" state

3. After charging, do not leave immediately, and observe whether there is stable power transmission through the dashboard or pile LED screen

4. Connect the charging gun in the correct way. If the charging gun fails, reinsert the charging gun and try again

5. Keep the charging gun head and the car connection base clean to start charging

6. Check whether the gun base of the car is damaged, and it is recommended that the owner go to the 4S shop for further inspection

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