Can you rest in the car during the charging process of new energy vehicles?

November 20, 2023

First, can the new energy vehicle stay in the car when charging?

A: Theory can, but not recommended.

Specific analysis: First of all, we must distinguish between low voltage charging (AC slow charge) and high voltage charging (DC fast charge) two cases. When charging at low voltage, it usually does not affect the use of electrical appliances such as air conditioners in the car. However, the use of electrical appliances in the car when charging will consume electricity at the same time, resulting in another extension of the charging time. Therefore, it is not necessary to do so.

In the high voltage charging (DC fast charging), the electrical appliances in the car are strictly prohibited. Dc fast charging is like refueling to a gas station for a traditional fuel vehicle, which must be completely turned off. Because the fast charge mode is achieved by increasing the current, and at this time if you use the electrical appliances in the car, it is likely to cause electrical damage due to excessive current, and the maintenance will be more troublesome. Even if you do not worry about the life of the appliance, there is a risk of leakage when charging at high voltage. Although the current technology is very developed, the probability of leakage is very small, but for the safety of yourself and your family, it is better not to test the risk.

Second, whether the radiation generated by electric vehicle charging will cause harm to the human body?

A: There will be radiation, but it will be within safe limits.

Specific analysis: The radiation of electric vehicles belongs to electromagnetic radiation, and there is no difference between computers and mobile phones used in peacetime, and it belongs to the safe range. The electromagnetic radiation of electric vehicles according to the actual measured values show that the radiation value of the car is only 20μT, and the value of the hair dryer is similar. The health standard value of electromagnetic radiation is 100μT, so electric vehicles will not have any impact on human health when charging, but for special people, the attention should be paid to.

Third, can the new energy vehicle directly unplug the charging gun when charging?

A: No.

Specific analysis: Do not unplug the charging gun when charging, because the charging gun still has a strong current through the moment, if forced to unplug will lead to the risk of electric shock. You are advised to power off the charging gun first. Some charging guns will be swipe card, scan code, input password, unplug the power and other ways to power off, after the power off is completed, wait a moment to unplug the charging gun.

Fourth, what are the precautions for staying in the car when the new energy vehicle is charging?

Specific analysis: First of all, pay attention to ventilation as you rest in the fuel car to prevent heat stroke. Second, when resting in the new energy vehicle, because most of the functions of the new energy vehicle are controlled by electronic and electrical products, it is necessary to prevent the risk of uncontrolled electronic and electrical products. Such as car lock failure, window controller failure, etc. Although the probability of failure is very low, but for our personal and property safety, try to prepare some emergency tools in the car, such as simple window breakers, insulating gloves, car fire extinguishers and so on. Safety is greater than everything, safety awareness can not relax at all times.

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