New energy vehicle home charger is divided into mobile and wall mounted two, what is the difference?

November 20, 2023

With the continuous development of new energy vehicles, more and more people start new energy electric vehicles. Then for the owners of new energy electric vehicles, the charging problem of the car will be a big problem. At present, the home charger on the market can be divided into mobile and wall mounted two kinds, what is the difference between them, and how to choose the right home charger?

First, the power connection and installation methods are different.

In order to provide charging services for the owner more conveniently, the power connection is directly used in the design of the plug and socket. Like this charger can directly plug the power into the 16A air conditioning socket to charge the car, very simple and convenient, but also more suitable for the owner to carry with the car. For the wall-mounted charger, when connecting the power supply, it is generally directly connected to the leakage protector through the line, and this charger generally requires a professional electrician to install. First of all, you have to apply for a new meter to be controlled separately, which is more troublesome.

Second, the difference in charging power.

The mobile charger comes in two types of charging power, 1.8KW and 3.5KW. Generally, the original charger given by the car, its rated power is 1.8KW, and the 1-hour battery life is 8-10 kilometers, which is a very slow mobile charger. At present, the rated power of the mobile charger sold on the market is 3.5KW, and the 1-hour battery life is 18-20 kilometers, which can meet the daily electricity demand, and is a mobile charger widely purchased by everyone. The power of the wall-mounted charger can reach 7KW, and the 1-hour battery life is 40-50 kilometers, which is the favorite of Didi drivers and the favored object of large battery life owners.

Third, the charging scenario is different.

First of all, the car mainly determines whether there is a wall-mounted charger conditions, if there is, it is recommended to install a wall-mounted charger, and use the night to recharge the car, which can meet the daily demand for electricity. If there is no installation of wall-mounted charging conditions, choose a mobile charger, carried with the car, this charger can charge the vehicle as long as there is 220 volts of AC power, so you can use fragmentation time charging, as long as there is a socket you can charge the vehicle.

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