What to do when the gun head can't be pulled off after charging a new energy vehicle?

January 16, 2024

"After charging, the gun head can not be pulled out how to do?"

I believe that many new energy car enthusiasts have encountered the charging gun head can not be pulled out of the situation, obviously has swept the code settlement, when you want to pull the charging gun down, how to make efforts just can not pull it down? What should we do at this time?

AC slow charging gun head itself does not have an electronic lock function, such as found that the charging gun can not be pulled down, can only be the car end of the gun head locked.

Then how should we unlock it?


When the charging gun is locked, we must not force to pull out the gun!

It is normal to lock the gun, which is a self-protection of the vehicle when the new energy vehicle is in charging or finished.

For charging safety, the National Grid's charging piles are strictly enforced by national technical standards, and the locking function of the charging interface is to prevent safety hazards arising from accidental disconnection during the charging process.

A.The correct way of inserting/removing the gun operation is important

[Inserting the gun]:

Hold the charging gun handle with one hand, push the gun head into the bottom of the charging port of the car end, often you can hear a "click" sound, indicating that it has been correctly inserted. It should be noted that the whole process is not necessary to press the switch of the charging gun.

[Pull out the gun]:

 Stop charging before pulling out the gun. Hold the handle of the charging gun with one hand, press the micro switch of the charging gun and pull out the charging gun at the same time.

If you can't pull out the gun, you need to:

Make sure the vehicle has finished charging and is unlocked.

When you find that the normal operation of the gun can not be pulled out, different models, the unlocking method is different, you can check in order to confirm:

  1. ① Unlock the vehicle's remote control key (vehicle off → lock → unlock)

② Vehicle dashboard or car system to unlock (there will be an unlock button on the car)

③Inside the door handle on the driver's side of the vehicle, open the door and touch to unlock the door.

You can try a few more times to lock and unlock the repeated operation, and then see if the gun can be pulled out.

B.Repeat the operation of inserting the gun and push it to the bottom

If the gun head still cannot be pulled out after unlocking the door several times, you can check whether the gun head is inserted to the bottom. Specific operation can be dragging the handle of the gun, and then push it inside, and then unlock the vehicle again.

C. Forced unlock

After some of the above operations, still can not be unlocked, do not panic.

Now the factory vehicles, are forced to unlock measures, usually in the position near the charging port. There is a small pull ring on the side of the trunk, pull out, can be unlocked.

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