The gun broke down during charging. Try this.

January 16, 2024

New energy vehicle owners, have you ever encountered this embarrassing situation, when using the charging gun, the pile suddenly appeared abnormal, in addition to calling the customer service hotline, waiting for maintenance, how to do more convenient and faster? Today, we will address the specific situation specifically.

A can not start? The correct charging steps are important

It is hard to get to the charging station, but found that the charging pile can not start. In fact, when encountering such a situation, directly calling the 400 customer service hotline is not the fastest solution. You can first carry out a simple self-examination to see whether it is because of some operational negligence, which leads to the charging pile failed to start:

First of all, the premise of starting charging is to ensure that the vehicle is in the state of turning off the engine. Secondly, the correct way of inserting the gun is also very important: insert the gun directly into the car end connection, accompanied by a "click" sound, indicating that the charging gun has been inserted, such as no locking sound, you can pull out and insert the gun again. If there is no locking sound, you can pull out the gun and plug it in again. After plugging in the gun, you can then use the YU fast charging APP/small program to start charging.

B. Can't unplug the charging gun? Try this.

In addition to the charging start problem, some car enthusiasts also reflect that after charging, they can't unplug the gun, what should they do in such a situation? We first need to complete the charging order to ensure that the charging pile has stopped charging, the running light has gone out.

For AC charging pile, the charging gun itself does not have a locking device, belonging to the "car lock gun". You can try "unlocking the door - locking the door - unlocking the door again" to pull out the gun again. If you still can't unlock it, you can contact a 4S store for help and get the emergency unlocking method for your vehicle.

For DC charging piles, the charging gun usually comes with a locking device, which belongs to the "gun lock car". At this time, first of all, set up and straighten the charging gun cable, hold the cable with your left hand, press the micro switch of the charging gun with your right hand downward (if it is a slide switch, slide it forward), then pull out the charging gun with force. If you still can't pull out the gun, please contact 400 customer service.

However, it should be noted that when you are pulling out the gun, remember to be careful not to get hurt due to inertia. After pulling out the gun, you need to put the charging gun back to the original place so that other riders can use it later~.

C. Charging order abnormal? The key to the right "symptom" of the medicine

In addition to the charging start/end, you will also encounter abnormal order prompts, such as insulation detection failure, BMS-voltage is too high, BMS alarm, all power module failure, charging pile startup timeout, etc. Today, to give you the right "symptomatic" medicine.

①Insulation detection failure: in the case of confirming the model and interface in line with the national standard, check the vehicle charging port whether there are foreign objects or water stains, MEYAGET charging gun head are insulated design, you can try to clean up the foreign body, shake off the water stains, or replace the charging pile, if the problem is still not solved, then contact 400 customer service.

② BMS - high voltage, alarm, timeout: first confirm that the vehicle is off, and then plug the gun to start charging. If it is a bus or a heavy truck, you need to switch the vehicle model on the charging post screen before starting charging. In addition, when the vehicle power is too low (less than 10%), it is recommended to use the AC pile to replenish power before going to the DC pile to charge.

③All power module failure: first confirm whether the charging pile fault light is always on, if it is always on, then in the front or side of the charging pile, find the red emergency stop button, rotate it clockwise so that it pops out, after popping out if the fault light is off, then charging can be carried out normally. If the fault light is still on, please try to change the stake or contact 400 customer service directly.

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