New energy vehicle charging pile installation and safety precautions

March 20, 2024


The state advocates green environmental protection, new energy electric vehicles came into being, the use of clean energy instead of conventional energy, and will not pollute the natural environment, reduce consumption, resources can be well used. The use of new energy vehicles, the cost has been reduced, and the environmental benefits are significant. Therefore, new energy electric vehicles are favoured by the general public. However, the use of new energy electric vehicles increased, at the same time need to face an important problem is the charging pile installation, as infrastructure, to be reasonably installed, while ensuring that the standardised use, in order to better play its function, this paper focuses on the study of new energy vehicle charging pile installation and specification.



new energy vehicles; charging pile; installation; specification

Nowadays, people's green awareness of environmental protection, especially daily travel, in order to solve the long-standing traffic pollution, began to choose to use new energy vehicles, solar energy and electricity-based. China's electric vehicle technology has been developed for many years, tends to mature, and the production has formed a certain scale, more and more choose electric vehicle travel[1] . However, this new technology in the practical application of the inevitable existence of some problems, is that electric vehicles need to charge, charging piles is an essential infrastructure, whether it is standardised installation and standardised use directly related to the future development of new energy electric vehicles. In this paper, based on the current situation of new energy vehicle charging pile, analysis of new energy vehicle charging pile installation method, clear installation considerations.


A. Status of charging piles for new energy vehicles

Although new energy vehicles have been put into use for many years, it is still a new thing. After the charging pile is installed and put into use, it is necessary to collect user information and analyse it in detail, and then optimize the feedback information, among which, the feedback information from vehicle manufacturers and battery manufacturers is much, which is mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

Firstly, the continuous working time of new energy trams is not very long.

Second, when charging at the charging pile, it takes a long time to be full.

Third, the charging pile facilities need to further expand the popularity of the scope, and there is obviously a charging pile number is small and can not meet the demand for the problem.

Fourthly, the hidden dangers of safety regulations of charging piles cannot be solved well.

Therefore, the main problem that needs to be faced at present is the battery, so it is necessary to increase the research and development of new energy tram batteries. Afterwards charging facilities popularisation, the new energy tram will be put into use in a large number of cases. The use of new energy vehicles in the big year is obviously very little proficiency, so its development is set in the primary stage. Charging pile construction scale to be continuously expanded, the preliminary construction in the construction to increase costs, which is not in line with the logic of business development, charging pile enterprises will not have confidence in their future development, the scale of new energy vehicles is very unfavourable. Therefore, the new energy vehicle industry to achieve better development, we must do all the work about the charging pile, play its power role.


B. Installation method of new energy vehicle charging pile

In the process of new energy vehicle charging pile installation, the property company, the neighbourhood committee and the fire department should be fully coordinated with each other, and the problems that need to be solved are mainly reflected in the fact that the charging voltage ratio is higher than the residents' daily electricity voltage, and it will produce a strong electric current, which is likely to affect the residents' normal electricity consumption and cause the residents' non-normal life. Therefore, it is very necessary to install charging pile reasonably. These hidden dangers should be avoided in the design stage to facilitate property management and prevent fire problems.

In the preliminary stage of charging pile installation, the coordination of all aspects of the problem is completed, we should consider the financial aspects of the problem. If the 4S shop provides free installation service, there is no need to solve the cost problem. If it is installed independently, it needs to consume a certain cost, which is mainly reflected in two aspects of the cost:

First, the distribution room for the user electricity to be redistributed, usually DC charging pile is 380 volts, high voltage to go separately, can not be confused with the residential electricity, and at the same time, install a separate switch, the specific expenditure should take into account the actual situation. After all the work of the preliminary preparation stage is in place, it enters the construction section. When installing the charging pile, follow the prescribed steps. The environmental conditions of each residential district are different, the location of the car is different, the time consumed by the installation and construction is also different, some construction conditions are convenient, two hours can complete the work task, some construction will be affected by a variety of factors, the construction progress is relatively slow, and it takes a whole day to complete.

In order to ensure the quality of the installation, the staff should do a good job before the installation and construction of the site research work, communication with the residents of the community, and property company personnel exchanges, a detailed understanding of the internal situation of the community, the charging pile installation and construction of reasonable design. Owners have to do a good job communicating with the property, property and construction personnel docking, check the quality of the cable and marking, clear indicators to meet the requirements before use, pay attention to the cable on the number of records. Charging pile model selection, to listen to the new energy vehicle user insights, from the actual starting point to determine. The staff of the district power supply belongs to the type to master, after obtaining the approval of the national grid can be wired.

New energy vehicle charging pile installation construction process, the staff should first determine the distance between the charging pile and the new energy vehicle, do a good job of reservation. If the charging port of the new energy vehicle is in the side position of the charging pile, the charging pile installation and construction should take this into account, the distance between the charging pile and the new energy vehicle should be more than 40cm, to ensure that the use will not affect the car door switch. If the charging pile is installed at the rear of the new energy vehicle, the distance between the charging pile and the new energy vehicle should be more than 50cm.

In the process of actual installation, the charging pile and ground infrastructure should keep a certain distance to avoid mutual influence. When the installation work is completed, it is also necessary to reserve the empty space for maintenance personnel to work, to ensure that the construction position meets the standard, and when the later needs to be adjusted, the charging pile will not be damaged[3] .

After the completion of the charging pile installation and construction, the electric car will be driven to the site to use, functional testing, to determine the use of the charging pile, the construction of the number of metres with the eyes to observe, check the numbers above the cable, compare the amount of cable used, without producing a large deviation from the gap can be delivered to the installation and construction costs.


 C. New energy vehicle charging pile installation precautions

In the process of carrying out the charging pile installation, the specification should be put in one place. Charging pile exists a certain risk, if there are installation quality problems exist, it will inevitably lead to bad consequences. For example, the charging device voltage has reached 770 volts, more than 220 volts for home use, for the user there is a threat; charging pile is not well grounded, resulting in unreliable grounding of the internal metal parts, will lead to electrocution; charging gun plug is not locking, there is no reasonable installation of the electronic locking device, when the user uses the process of the charging plug will be taken down, the plug is still electrically charged, the danger is very high; Charging pile installation process if the sealing is not good, no good waterproof treatment, its anti-corrosion effect is not good, it is likely to lead to short circuit, electric shock accident incidence rate is very high. So charging pile installation, the specification is a priority, on the one hand, to maintain the staff specification, on the other hand, but also to ensure that the user's right to take. For the installation of the construction process will be affected by a variety of uncertain factors lead to problems, such as rainfall, etc., will destroy the charging pile equipment, a serious threat to personal health, so the work area within the scope of the rain shelter should be built. Charging pile installation process, in strict accordance with the installation system, including installation personnel and maintenance personnel should be supervised, in order to regulate their work behaviour, so that they have a high sense of responsibility. These personnel should receive regular training to improve their technical level and installation quality.

After the charging pile installation is completed and all the indexes are qualified after technical quality inspection and put into use, it is necessary to do a good job of standardised publicity work, spread the charging pile operation specification to all the users of new energy automobiles to ensure the quality of the charging pile and to avoid dangerous accidents in the use of the users.

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